The Collingwood Family

We are first generation micro-farmers, located in Houtzdale, Pennsylvania. We’re learning as we go, in hopes we leave the world a bit better than we found it. We do this by using sustainable, animal, earth and people-friendly methods of growing food. Our mission is to provide everyone a healthy, flavorful alternative to factory foods, and to teach our children along the way.

How we got here…

In 2012 while living in the Cleveland, Ohio area, Linde took a break from her Nurse Practitioner job, and with the support of her husband, Rich, turned her hobby garden into a small business by providing three local families CSA (community supported agriculture) shares. She found her passion growing healthy, safe food, and loved watching people enjoy the fruits of her labor.

During that time, both she and Rich attended classes through the Ohio State Extension office about market gardening, and eventually qualified for an NRCS grant, which paid a portion of two large high tunnels (unheated greenhouses). With these high tunnels, they were able to grow produce nearly year round.

In 2013, their first child, RJ, was born, and his sister, Nora, was born 14 months later.

As it turns out, having two babies and starting a farming business is hard work.

Fast forward to 2015, when a chance opportunity to return to central, Pennsylvania, Linde’s home, came up, they made the trek, and brought their high tunnels, passion and knowledge with them.

After a delay in finding suitable land, in 2019, The Collingwood’s were able to purchase 2 acres of beautiful property, formerly full of fruit trees and gardens. Although, it’s not much to look at now, the Collingwood Family is working hard to return it to it’s former glory.

Original Lemon Street Homestead, 2019

Our Mission: Feeding the Community

In addition to feeding their own family with healthy, sustainable and safe foods, Linde feels strongly about providing a source for these foods for her community as well. In a school district where upwards of 50% of the children are fed through the free-or-reduced lunch program, and there are limited sources for local, fresh food, it’s the mission of Collingwood Farm to make real, local food accessible to all.

Although early in the process, Linde is researching grant programs to make farm-school programs a staple in the Moshannon Valley schools. She also plans to apply for SNAP and low-income voucher reimbursement so everyone can buy at the farm.

Additionally, donations of fresh produce to local food pantries and other programs is planned.

If you have any interest in assisting in getting farm-to-school programs in our schools, or assist in community outreach, please contact us!