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It’s so nice to be back! So much has changed here at the farm in the short time since we’ve started. Our family went from two to four in 2 years. Our chickens went from 6 to 21, then back to 10. We’ve got two awesome high tunnels awaiting our attention. And we’ve got folks knocking on our door asking when we’ll have CSA shares again. All of these things are WONDERFUL!

2015 will not be the year we re-start our CSA. But we will continue to have eggs available, and hope to have our extra produce listed for sale, when available. Our seedlings are looking terrific.  I hope to have some large, successful crops of the staples. This year I am focusing on restocking our family pantry with home canned goods, since we’ve been rather busy with other things.


Speaking of other things, our son just turned two! He’s a great little helper around the farm. He loves the chickens!

IMG_5458   photo_3[1]

Our daughter is nearly 10 months, and is such a joy. We truly are blessed.


I hope you are all well, and hope to begin making regular updates available to you soon. I encourage you to sign-up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook (a link can be found on our homepage), as I’ll likely utilize these for more regular updates on what’s available to purchase.


Until the next time!


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To be clear, every Mother’s Day I’ve had and will have since duder was born is the best Mother’s Day ever! But, this Mother’s Day, we planted 80 feet of white potatoes in the field and 30 feet of sweet potatoes in the high tunnel. And I’ve already got one handsome little spud! (With another on the way!) Who could ask for more!?! 🙂


Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mommas. Especially mine!


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Grassroots support

A BEAUTIFULLY articulated letter sent to the council on our behalf. Thank you, Farm Girl in Training!

Farm Girl In Training

Recently, a dear friend and several people she knows began a grassroots effort to shut down a local puppy mill. It all started with pictures posted on Facebook at the beginning of January. Within a month, the dogs were seized and the “owner” (hesitate to use that word) has been charged. I did my part by helping get the word out about these dogs.

Now, I’m trying to do my part again.

Earlier today, I shared a blog post by Collingwood Farm about the proposed zoning changes that would affect them directly. You can read all about it here. In an effort to help them and keep their farm going, here is the letter I sent to their city council members:

Dear Council Members:

I am writing on behalf of Collingwood Farm. I have been informed of the proposed changes to local zoning laws and would like to…

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Just a quick note: We have acorn squash, jalapenos, and green beans in addition to the previously listed goods. Remember, all our veggies are natural, without all the other stuff!



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Farmer Rich here!

From picking, to cleaning and refrigeration, time is one of the greatest enemies to the quality of your veggies.  While our poor little kitchen sink is fine for washing veggies, we are limited on the space available to properly dry the food before it can be put into the fridge.

If we only had a convenient space to prepare, wash and dry our vegetables in order to make the process quick and easy . . .

Good news! Farmer Linde and I finished up our new outdoor wash station:

By re-purposing an old piece of counter top, a (free) Craigslist utility tub and a piece of old hardware cloth, we now have a quick and convenient way to rinse and dry vegetables before storing or selling.  This simple design will reduce our water waste by allowing us to capture the rinse water in a 5-gallon bucket so it can go right back into the garden.  A quick scrub and this new farm feature will be ready to use!


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We just created a Facebook page! Be sure to hit the “Like” button on the right, and share what we’re doing with your friends!

Thank you!


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Here’s some ideas if you’re contemplating joining a CSA. (Maybe Collingwood Farm next year?!)
Tammy has first hand experience with being a CSA member, and has a whole list of wonderful tips. Check it out!

Agrigirl's Blog

The good news is that the growth of Community Supported Agriculture is real. And with real growth comes real opportunity for real issues. I had the unfortunate opportunity to show a mom that her “local basket” contained items grown not only out of the state but out of the country.If they're carrots, it must be spring

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