Breeds of Meat Chickens

Cornish Cross

Cornish cross chickens typically have a large amount of white meat, and less dark. They grow quickly, and are harvest around 8 weeks. Average weight is about 6lbs after harvest. Although cornish breed chickens are often successfully and humanely grown at small, local farms, we’ve decided this year to grow Freedom Ranger chickens.

Freedom Ranger

The Freedom Ranger is a more “normal” chicken, with normal chicken behaviors. They forage, run and fly. Because of this, they are known to have more dark meat. The flavor has been described as “nuttier, and butterier” than the cornish cross. It’s also assumed that they have higher omega-fatty acids and healthy cholesterol than their cornish cousins. The Freedom Rangers take about 11 weeks to reach harvest weight, and average about 4lbs each. Because of this, they are a more expensive breed to produce.

You can learn more about these two breeds here.


Our chickens have a more moderate growth rate than grocery store varieties. Even though they are meant for the oven, they’re still lovingly cared for. They live happy, healthy lives until harvest, in green grass and sunshine, just like they’re meant to.


Read about factory farming here. Just don’t do it while you’re eating…

What we feed our birds:

Our chickens are primarily fed by foraging, and supplemented with locally sourced antibiotic-free feed and grains. They’re also treated with table scraps and treats from the garden.