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I brought our newest members home yesterday:

photo (1) photo

I know for certain we have at least 3 Black australorps (the best egg layers in my experience) and one Light Brahma, in memory of my beloved Fancy Boots. The other 6 are a toss-up. I ordered a “Rare Breed Egg Layer” batch, so we’ll see what we get once they’re a little bigger. How fun! And they sure are cute little devils. πŸ™‚

I’ve also been asked to write an opinion piece for the Cleveland Plain Dealer about the Pro’s of having backyard chickens in the ‘burbs. Flattering,Β  yet I can’t shake the niggling feeling that I’m opening myself up for some trouble!! Oh well…

In other news, my baby boy turned ONE last month. Can you believe it!?! I get a little choked up thinking about it. He’s so handsome, funny, and smart, just like his daddy.

photo (2)He had one heckuva party, too!! πŸ™‚

We’re just counting down now until our baby girl gets here! 12 more weeks!! I can’t believe that either!

Thanks for checking in!


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Our 13 hens came home to us a few nights ago, a little spur of the moment. So, a hill-billy train? Indeed, it was.

My neighbor Mel has graciously been keeping our 13 chickens in her barn. She raised them from chicks, because they came right around the time our little farmer came. So, 14 babies at our place was a crowd. The plan all along has been to move them over to our property once the high tunnels were completed, so they could hang out in there, and till the soil for us. Unfortunately, there have been some unforeseen delays. And since the weather is FINALLY nice, it’s time to move them outside. So, Mel had a spare, mobile coop she let us borrow in the meantime. Getting said coop and chickens three doors down, on a busy street in the ‘burbs is something not to be missed. So, let me paint you a picture with, well, pictures.

Here we have Joe, Mel’s husband as the engineer, Farmer Rich, is steering the coop, and Mel is stabilizing it.

20130501-222624.jpg 20130501-222644.jpgI think it was at this point that I was giggling uncontrollably, and Mel shouts out “It’s a Hill-billy train!!” with her slight Texas accent. I, on the other hand, am of the hardy stock of central Pennsylvania mountain folk, and generally prefer “hick from the sticks,” but in this situation, the “hill-billy” in “hill-billy train” hit the nail on the head.


Where am I, you might ask? Besides taking pictures, I was bringing up the rear with RJ in the stroller. It was a sight, indeed.


If you were one of the lucky ones to drive passed us during the big move, thanks for giving us a wide berth, and not giving us the bird! (Ha! Pun intended!)


It was a fun time. And, now the girls are home, and enjoying the new, temporary digs.

So, a BIG thanks to neighbor Mel for everything! What we won’t do for our chickens!!


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Okay, not HERE, exactly, but they are three doors down at my neighbor Mel’s place. If you recall, she’s an angel kind of neighbor, and agreed to keep our babies until after OUR baby gets here. I know, we have the best neighbors ever.

Anyway, I waddled my way over there to snap a couple pictures and cuddle a few fluffy little fuzz balls. They’re so darn cute. And just think in 4 months or so, they’ll be providing a whole bunch of families with fresh, healthy eggs! We ended up with 13, (a bakers dozen, if you will), because the hatchery has a “meal maker” deal that they give you an extra chick for free if you agree to donate eggs or meat to a local food shelter. I have the contact information for an emergency food pantry not too far from here, so I hope to arrange a weekly donation of extra produce and a dozen (or more) eggs once things are in full swing.

So, without further ado, enjoy these pictures of the babies! πŸ™‚

Baby Chicks, 1 day old

010 011 012 013 014Β  016 017


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Welp. It’s January already! Seeding starting time is just around the corner. And I. Cant. Wait! I was quite spoiled this Christmas by Farmer Rich. I got a sampler pack of heirloom seeds from Baker Creek (my favorite GMO-free, heirloom seed provider.)

049There’s a little bit of everything in this can! 50 packets ranging from pumpkins to flowers. I can’t wait to get them started!

In other SUPER exciting news, we’ve placed our order for our high tunnels and they should be up by late March or early April. Wahoooooo! We decided to go with a small, up-and-coming, local company called TunnelVision Hoops. They do quality work. (We know, because we visited one of their tunnels, not knowing it was theirs, and Rich and I both started drooling! :)) And they’re really active in the sustainable, locally grown food movement, especially in the Cleveland area. We’re meeting with them on Tuesday to finalize the plans, so stay tuned. I can’t wait!!

We’ve also placed an order, along with our super supportive neighbor, Mel, for 13 chicks that will be hatched out February 4th. What are we getting, you ask? (The following pictures are all from Meyer Hatchery, where we ordered from. Click on the link to go directly to their info page about that chicken.)

australorpAustralorps: This is the variety of our Flo. She’s our best layer by far. She’s laid consistently, except for a few weeks while she molted. So, I figured you can’t go wrong withΒ  a few more strong layers! They lay brown eggs.

goldenwyan Golden Laced Wyandottes: Beautiful, hardy, and lay light brown eggs.

SLWS1 Silver Laced Wyandottes: Isn’t she gorgeous! Also hardy and a good layer of brown eggs.

AMAS1 Easter Eggers: These ladies are fun!Β  They come in all shapes, and colors, and lay various shades of blue and green eggs! (The egg is the same, just the shell is fun colored!)

Because OUR baby is due in March, Mel’s offered to raise our little chickadees until they’re big enough to be outside. At that point we’ll have the high tunnels up, and plan to use them in one of the tunnels to help turn the soil and fertilize, while we prep the other one. So, we should have eggs for sale, consistently, starting in August or September. I can’t even explain to you how giddy I am about all this. πŸ™‚ Thank you, neighbor Mel! You TRULY are the BEST!!

In other news, we’re in prep mode for our new little farm hand to arrive. I’m due at the end of March, but all signs point to me going earlier (fingers crossed!). I had my Ohio baby shower this weekend, and it was lovely. Everyone was so generous. We feel loved. But who knew such a tiny baby needed so much stuff!? Now the task is to find places to put it all in our tiny farm house. Regardless, we can’t wait for our little bean to get here. ❀  My parents came out for the weekend to attend the shower. My mom, the most talented woman I know, offered to paint something special in our nursery (appropriately green and woodland animal themed). So we decided on a tree with owls to go on the wall with the crib. Here’s a sneak-peek:


I’ll be sure to give you the complete tour once it’s finished. In the meantime, a great, BIG, Thank you to my Momma! I know the baby will love it. πŸ™‚ We can’t wait until it’s done.

So, that about covers what we’ve been up to these days. We’ll just keep getting busier as the months pass, and the baby comes! If any of my readers in the Cleveland area like to get your hands dirty, we are happy to take volunteers, especially since I’ll be out of commission a few weeks into planting season. Comment, or send us a message if you think you might be interested! We’d be happy to reward you with yummy, fresh vegetables.

Check back soon!


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