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033Rich is working on the coop for our new girls. Big reveal soon! 031 032 034

The high tunnels are almost complete!028Our garden is looking tasty!

024We have lots of delicious greens available!


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Our 13 hens came home to us a few nights ago, a little spur of the moment. So, a hill-billy train? Indeed, it was.

My neighbor Mel has graciously been keeping our 13 chickens in her barn. She raised them from chicks, because they came right around the time our little farmer came. So, 14 babies at our place was a crowd. The plan all along has been to move them over to our property once the high tunnels were completed, so they could hang out in there, and till the soil for us. Unfortunately, there have been some unforeseen delays. And since the weather is FINALLY nice, it’s time to move them outside. So, Mel had a spare, mobile coop she let us borrow in the meantime. Getting said coop and chickens three doors down, on a busy street in the ‘burbs is something not to be missed. So, let me paint you a picture with, well, pictures.

Here we have Joe, Mel’s husband as the engineer, Farmer Rich, is steering the coop, and Mel is stabilizing it.

20130501-222624.jpg 20130501-222644.jpgI think it was at this point that I was giggling uncontrollably, and Mel shouts out “It’s a Hill-billy train!!” with her slight Texas accent. I, on the other hand, am of the hardy stock of central Pennsylvania mountain folk, and generally prefer “hick from the sticks,” but in this situation, the “hill-billy” in “hill-billy train” hit the nail on the head.


Where am I, you might ask? Besides taking pictures, I was bringing up the rear with RJ in the stroller. It was a sight, indeed.


If you were one of the lucky ones to drive passed us during the big move, thanks for giving us a wide berth, and not giving us the bird! (Ha! Pun intended!)


It was a fun time. And, now the girls are home, and enjoying the new, temporary digs.

So, a BIG thanks to neighbor Mel for everything! What we won’t do for our chickens!!


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What ISN’T happening?! That’s the question!

Rich and I spent the weekend constructing our new chicken coop from the free crates I got last week. It’s beautiful today, and it’s my day off! What luck! So, I painted the inside and roof of the coop. We hope to get it outside for the girls this weekend.

I also started all the seeds I could indoors (peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, greens, cabbage, etc.) We’re keeping them under fluorescent lights in the guest room. So, it’s more greenhouse than bedroom at the moment, but it works. 🙂 We got all our potatoes in the mail, so I have them “sunning” on shelving I set up in the guestroom. (This helps encourage sprouting.)

I know I’m pressing my luck, but I sowed some radish and various greens in the cold frames today. I hope we get a jump start, and not frost nipped greens. I also moved the cold hardy seedlings, I started a few weeks ago, from the guest room greenhouse, to the breezeway. (An unheated, enclosed room off the back of our house.) Hopefully they’ll hardy-up, and I can put those in the portable greenhouse this weekend.

Wooo! I think I covered it all. Check out the slide show above for a picture version of what’s been happening.

Less than 2 weeks until spring!!



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Free stuff? Yes, please!

What’s one man’s trash is another woman’s treasure, as the old saying goes (kind of). Well, this towering stack of wood pallets is this woman’s most recent craigslist score. One of the things we try to do here on the farm is to recycle and reuse as much as we can. Not only does it decrease the overall expenditures of the farm, but it decreases our carbon footprint. And since good ol’ mother earth is what brings us our awesome food supply, I’d say that’s a pretty good idea.

Our hens (aka “The girls”) give us enough eggs to supply a family of 4 each week, and since there is only 2 of us, we have a little surplus. We would like to eventually get a few more hens to be able to offer fresh eggs on the farm all the time. (They’re better for you, you know?) So, we’ve been brainstorming the best way to build a bigger, more efficient chicken coop. The price of lumber is a little out of control, so when I saw these on craigslist, I nabbed them. The guy also threw in about 10 pieces of pressed board (super score!). So, now all we have to do it figure out how to turn it into a coop.

To be continued…  -Linde

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