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We’ve been wondering since the fall what could have possibly taken 14 of our chickens in one night. With no signs at all of a fight, except for piles of feathers scattered over 2 acres of land, we assumed it was a few coyotes. I suspect we were partially right. Because the other day, I heard the strangest sound, in the middle of the day. I looked out the window, and right beside our house, I saw this:

037 038 040

She stood there and howled and called for a good 10 minutes before I scared her off. There were footprints right down our front sidewalk. Brazen Coyote! Crazy things happen during mating season, I suppose!

BUT! That’s not all!

A few days earlier, I saw our “suspected” bobcat on our driveway again. I hadn’t seen him for a few months. This time he was bigger, and meaner looking. No questions he was a bobcat this time! I wasn’t fast enough to get a picture of him. But I did get a picture of his prints, which are ALL over our yard.

034About 2.5 inches top to bottom. Looks like we have a big (hungry!) one!

Naturally, since we lost our flock, we’ve been keeping our remaining girls on lock down. But, we’re planning to get crafty so they’ll be safe, but still able to scratch, peck and forage in fresh grass (without becoming lunch!) once the snow melts.

Anyone have any ideas?


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