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Our first cucumber harvest gave us 8 pints of dill pickles made with fresh dill, and cured garlic, right from our own garden! I have a feeling these are going to be delicious!

Tomorrow, I’ll be canning about 10 pints of zucchini salsa, YUM!


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So, I think seaweed and fish emulsion are magic. I have been meaning to spray the leaves of all my plants with a mixture of the two for weeks. When I used it when they were seedlings, they would shoot up an inch overnight. But, there was always something else to do. So yesterday, I finally took the time to fill my 2.5 gallon sprayer with water, liquid seaweed, and fish emulsion (all natural, no chemicals, nothing that you can’t eat safely). And here’s what I came out to today:

A female cucumber blossom. (See the baby cuke?!)

Pear Tomato Blossom

Russet Potato Blossom

Kennebec Potato Blossom

Red Gold Potato Blossom

I love the different shades of potato blossoms.

Russet Potato Row

Walking Onion


And just for fun, a shot of Clementis and some unknown flower in my flower bed.

I love summer!


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