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The cucumbers, dill and garlic all came from our farm! 12 quarts, and 6 pints. Not too shabby!

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I harvested the Red Pontiac potatoes yesterday, and boy are they beauts! They’re large, with the largest coming in at just under a pound! The total harvest was 27 3/4 lbs from 5lbs of seed potato. That’s about 6lbs of potatoes per pound planted. Not too shabby! So far the total potato tally is close to 80lbs. And, I still have a row and a half to harvest! Woohoo!

In other news, we had a short rain two days ago. I went to check on the cucumbers, and they were out of control! This is what we have left after giving our CSA shares and giving a bunch to the neighbors:

I’ll be canning pickles tomorrow!

And, I’ve also harvested most of the onions and have brought them in to complete curing:

(This is about half)

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the white onions (all 50 of them!) started to rot on the outside layers. So, I had to throw them all in the compost. But, the yellow and purple onions look, and taste great!

Check back soon!


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Here’s today’s harvest. I mean, we harvested yesterday…and this is what was waiting for us today. So, have we got a deal for you!

1. Zucchini and Yellow Summer Squash, $1.00 each or 4/$3.00

2. Cucumbers, pickling sized (they taste the same, just smaller!) 3/$2.00

3. Potatoes, $1.00/lb

4. Large fresh onions, $1.00 each

5. Fresh dill (for pickling your cucumbers?!) $2.00/stalk

6. Carrots, $3.00/bunch

Just shoot us a message, or comment. We can arrange pick-up/delivery times.

Be sure to check back, our green peppers and tomatoes should be ready soon!

And remember, anything you buy from Collingwood Farm is GMO-free, and grown only with love!


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