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It’s tomato planting time!017

We still have a limited quantity of 10 varieties of tomato plants available. You won’t be able to buy these at any garden center!

They’re GMO-free, and grown in organic soil with no chemicals. And only $3.00/plant.

Remaining varieties are:

  • Romanesco
  • Rutgers
  • Eva Purple Heart
  • Evergreen
  • Mortgage lifter
  • Pink Ox heart
  • Stupice
  • Cabin
  • German Johnson
  •  German Lunchbox

You can find complete descriptions of these plants, from my earlier post, by clicking here.

We also have very limited quantity of basil, peppers and eggplant seedlings.

We’ll be home planting most of the weekend, so send a message or call me at 216-903-2184 if you’re interested!


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Actually, I’ve got 120 feet of peas. So, that’s more like 1440 peas.

It was BEAUTIFUL this weekend. It was spring, no doubt about it. Days like today are the ones that cheer you up, and keep you motivated, after what seems like FOREVER worth of grey, dreary days. And we took advantage!

My wonderful husband spend his Saturday cleaning and organizing the garden, since winter snuck up on us, and we didn’t get a chance in the fall. Today, he cultivated two of our raised beds, and planted the aforementioned peas.

 039 034    041

I’d like to say I was helpful. I tried to assist, but I look like this…


So, bending, and moving in general, is kind of out of the question.

I did clean the coop, as the girls happily pecked and scratched, and dust bathed. They’re happy to be alive now that the sun is again shining.



Our pups also got some exercise, and a special treat! (Note the big ol’ bones.)

029 031

But, alas, it’s all fun and games until someone get hurts….


This ferocious beast wanted his bone….meanie.


We got a chance to sneak over to Neighbor Mel’s to check on the new chickies. They’ve been moved from Chateau Cardboard Box, to an AWESOME mansion in her barn. They are cute, sassy, and happy. Mel’s taking wonderful care of our bird babies.


And to end a wonderful weekend, Rich grilled me some burgers.


What a man. ❤

Next weekend, we hope to get onions, potatoes and other cold crop seeds in the ground. We’ve got to squeeze it all in before the 21st!

Stay tuned!


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Did anyone notice that it feels like June, and it’s only the second week in March?! And to drive the point home, I got bit by a mosquito last night, and the ants are already in the kitchen.

Anyway, we’ve been busy around these parts. The most exciting thing that’s happened this past week is WE FINISHED THE CHICKEN COOP! (almost.) With help from our wonderful sister Molly Collingwood, we built the pen, and finished the paint job on Saturday. The girls spent their first night in the coop on Sunday.

Rich, Molly and the Coop

I just realized I didn’t take a picture of the coop, all finished, with the girls in it. Yikes! We were just so happy to be DONE, I must have forgotten. I’ll post it later, but you get the idea. The coolest part? We only spent around $50, with the biggest cost being the paint ($20.) The rest we had, or got free, like the crates.

We got all the lumber from a secret spot our friend Holly let us know about. They make deliveries to this company and use lumber for stacking the goods. Then, when it’s delivered, they throw the lumber on the curb, free for the taking. So, a BIG Thank You to Holly, and the crazy lumber-thrower-outers.

We’ve been saving up for a farm truck, so we could transport such awesome finds, but who needs a truck when you have a Chevy Cobalt?!

Also of note, I am SUPER excited. I planted brussel sprouts, lettuce, spinach, kale, and broccoli under our portable greenhouse on February 22. On March 6, they started to sprout. How awesome is that?! I also transplanted the sugar snap pea seedlings to the greenhouse on Saturday, and they’re looking good!

Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous, and it just happens to be my day off. So, here’s the plan:

1. Till a patch for snap peas, blueberries and black raspberries

2. Build pea trellis.

3. Fertilize all the seedlings with kelp. (Lucy, the dog, stepped on half of the seedlings after she jumped on the seedling table to get a good look at the hens….*sigh*)

4. Go pick up black raspberry bushes and plant.

5. Plant blueberries.

6. Plant snap peas.

7. Call craigslist guy in Kirtland about laying hens for sale. (Oh yes, we’re getting 3 more. 🙂 )

8. Clean house if still awake.

I did say it was my day off, right? Oh, the life of the a farmer…..(Don’t feel bad, I love it. :)–But I’m willing to accept free help! )


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What ISN’T happening?! That’s the question!

Rich and I spent the weekend constructing our new chicken coop from the free crates I got last week. It’s beautiful today, and it’s my day off! What luck! So, I painted the inside and roof of the coop. We hope to get it outside for the girls this weekend.

I also started all the seeds I could indoors (peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, greens, cabbage, etc.) We’re keeping them under fluorescent lights in the guest room. So, it’s more greenhouse than bedroom at the moment, but it works. 🙂 We got all our potatoes in the mail, so I have them “sunning” on shelving I set up in the guestroom. (This helps encourage sprouting.)

I know I’m pressing my luck, but I sowed some radish and various greens in the cold frames today. I hope we get a jump start, and not frost nipped greens. I also moved the cold hardy seedlings, I started a few weeks ago, from the guest room greenhouse, to the breezeway. (An unheated, enclosed room off the back of our house.) Hopefully they’ll hardy-up, and I can put those in the portable greenhouse this weekend.

Wooo! I think I covered it all. Check out the slide show above for a picture version of what’s been happening.

Less than 2 weeks until spring!!



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