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I can hardly believe it! It feels like I just got done putting the last baby potato in the ground, and here I am digging them up already! But it’s true. I planted the potatoes in late March/Early April, and some of them are mature in 90-days…so that’s now! Normally, I wouldn’t have even put them in the ground until May, but we all know this years been an exception for a lot of things. And, really, digging potatoes is the best, so I was happy to dive in!

So, let’s check out how we’ve done so far:



I planted 5-lbs of seed potato, and today’s total for the Red Golds is….

23.5 lbs!!

Now, I have been snatching early potatoes from these plants for weeks, so we’ll round it out to 28lbs total. For a grand total of 6lbs per lb of seed potato planted. Not earth shattering (in perfect conditions, you should get about 10lbs for each lb of seed potato), but for as dry as it’s been, I’ll take it!

These potatoes will last for about 3 months in storage.


Now, I only harvested half the yukon potatoes. I’ll get the rest later in the week, once they’ve died back a little more. I planted 5-lbs of seed potato, and today I harvested….(drum roll)….


Double that with the remaining plants, and add 5lbs for the potatoes I already took-that’s 25 lbs, or 5lbs/lb of seed potato planted. Meh, I’ll call it ok.

But, one of these bruisers came in at 3/4lb pound! Wowza! They’ll last in storage about 3 months as well.

Remember, we have all of our potatoes for sale.. $1.00/lb. No chemicals, and you won’t find a more tender (and dare I say, tastier) potato at your local grocer!

Until next time!


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What the spud?!

“One of these things is not like the others…”

(It’s a potato!!)



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So, I think seaweed and fish emulsion are magic. I have been meaning to spray the leaves of all my plants with a mixture of the two for weeks. When I used it when they were seedlings, they would shoot up an inch overnight. But, there was always something else to do. So yesterday, I finally took the time to fill my 2.5 gallon sprayer with water, liquid seaweed, and fish emulsion (all natural, no chemicals, nothing that you can’t eat safely). And here’s what I came out to today:

A female cucumber blossom. (See the baby cuke?!)

Pear Tomato Blossom

Russet Potato Blossom

Kennebec Potato Blossom

Red Gold Potato Blossom

I love the different shades of potato blossoms.

Russet Potato Row

Walking Onion


And just for fun, a shot of Clementis and some unknown flower in my flower bed.

I love summer!


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