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To be clear, every Mother’s Day I’ve had and will have since duder was born is the best Mother’s Day ever! But, this Mother’s Day, we planted 80 feet of white potatoes in the field and 30 feet of sweet potatoes in the high tunnel. And I’ve already got one handsome little spud! (With another on the way!) Who could ask for more!?! 🙂


Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mommas. Especially mine!


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I harvested the Red Pontiac potatoes yesterday, and boy are they beauts! They’re large, with the largest coming in at just under a pound! The total harvest was 27 3/4 lbs from 5lbs of seed potato. That’s about 6lbs of potatoes per pound planted. Not too shabby! So far the total potato tally is close to 80lbs. And, I still have a row and a half to harvest! Woohoo!

In other news, we had a short rain two days ago. I went to check on the cucumbers, and they were out of control! This is what we have left after giving our CSA shares and giving a bunch to the neighbors:

I’ll be canning pickles tomorrow!

And, I’ve also harvested most of the onions and have brought them in to complete curing:

(This is about half)

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the white onions (all 50 of them!) started to rot on the outside layers. So, I had to throw them all in the compost. But, the yellow and purple onions look, and taste great!

Check back soon!


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Zucchini and Summer Squash $1.00/each.


Did you know potatoes are one of the veggies with the most chemicals? Because they’re in the ground, they suck up pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals that end up in the soil. Eek!
We don’t use chemicals, and grow our potatoes from certified organic seed. So, if they’re on your grocery list, consider buying them from us, fresh from the soil.
We have russet, yukon gold, and 2 varieties of red skinned.
Cucumbers next week!

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So I was strolling the beds today, and noticed a few select potato plants were looking a little funky. I was thinking it might have been under watering making them wilt, because it’s been so dry. I decided to yank them. Surprisingly, it was almost as if they were too wet. The stems right at the surface of the soil had started to rot. Weird. And it’s only on two plants in two separate beds. Hopefully it’s not catchy. But, I dug around a little, and found these little cuties.

A Yukon Gold, and Red Pontiac, about the size of a small lemon. FUN! I can’t wait for the main harvest.

Whilst on my stroll, I also found:

Yellow Summer Squash

Rutgers Tomato



Ok, this next thing isn’t really “What’s to come” so much as it is “I just harvested it, maybe early, because I was so excited.” But here it is!


I’ve been debating about this harvest. I’ve never grown garlic (successfully) before, and everything I’ve read says knowing when to harvest can be tricky. You’re supposed to watch for brown leaves. Great, I feel like they’ve been brown for months. But since last week, they really started to brown and yellow. I figured with the crazy warm spring, a few weeks earlier than expected would be reasonable, right? Well, I was right. These puppies are big, with nice full cloves, and a wonderful fresh garlic scent.

I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. And the fun’s just started! 🙂





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