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It’s tomato planting time!017

We still have a limited quantity of 10 varieties of tomato plants available. You won’t be able to buy these at any garden center!

They’re GMO-free, and grown in organic soil with no chemicals. And only $3.00/plant.

Remaining varieties are:

  • Romanesco
  • Rutgers
  • Eva Purple Heart
  • Evergreen
  • Mortgage lifter
  • Pink Ox heart
  • Stupice
  • Cabin
  • German Johnson
  •  German Lunchbox

You can find complete descriptions of these plants, from my earlier post, by clicking here.

We also have very limited quantity of basil, peppers and eggplant seedlings.

We’ll be home planting most of the weekend, so send a message or call me at 216-903-2184 if you’re interested!


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As you can imagine, things have been mighty busy around these parts, what with the new baby, two humungous new high tunnels (full blog post on them to follow), and all the other shenanigans life throws at you. Thus, I’ve neglected to update the ol’ blog. Forgive me.

First, our little man is going on 6 weeks old already! Can you believe it?! Me neither.


Second, our high tunnels are amazing, and a little intimidating. They should be completed in a week or two. Then, our new flock of chickens will be moved from our awesome neighbor Mel’s barn, into a tunnel to turn and fertilize the soil for awhile.099

We have gotten some things done in the field. The peas are coming up beautifully, as are the onions and garlic. We just got greens, radishes and carrots planted. I’d like to say having a new baby, and recovering, is the only reason we’re farther behind than we’d like to be (which is true!), but the weather hasn’t cooperated very well, either. It’s rained so much that the beds are just mud pits. When we do get a nice day, everything remains too wet to plant. So, as farming goes, we wait for Mother Nature to take the lead.




Our next planting day we’ll hopefully get the cold crop seedlings (cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, etc) in the ground, and the seed potatoes. I have the warm weather seedlings (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant) started, and they seem to be doing well. Now, we just need warm weather!


We also made the new feeders for the 5 chickens we have at our place. It seems to be working well. It’s minimized labor, and reduced what feed the chickens waste. And they were easy to make!


That’s about it for now! Thanks for checking in!


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Before I continue, I should explain a few things about myself. Firstly, I love seeds. I’m sure my fellow gardeners out there can understand– That little jolt of excitement we get every dreary January day when our new seed catalogs arrive. That being said…I go a little nuts when I order my seeds…

Which leads me to my seeds. I LOVE Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. They’re all heirloom, so you can get all kinds of varieties that you can’t find anywhere else (and all guaranteed to be without genetic modifications). Their catalog is chocked full of beautiful pictures, and hundreds of seed varieties. They send you recipes, and tips. And the customer service is phenomenal.

Add how awesome Baker Creek is, to my inability to stop buying seeds and you get…..

12 varieties of tomatoes started in my basement.

Last year I did 4 varieties in massive quantities. This year, I had the intention of doing less plants, but more varieties. As it turns out, I’ll probably have the same amount of tomato plants, but 12 different kinds. I won’t lie. I am excited.

I can’t possibly have room in our garden for all the seedlings I started, provided they all germinate. So if you see a variety you love, or haven’t seen in years. Or, you’re feeling adventurous, let me know. I sell my hardy tomato plants at the appropriate planting time for $3.00/plant. If you aren’t a grower, stay tuned, because we’ll have lots of scrumptious tomatoes for sale this summer!

The following are pictures of the varieties I have started. Picture credit is from Baker Creek, unless otherwise specified. I encourage you to click on the picture to learn more about the variety, and more about Baker Creek!


Emerald Evergreen


German Lunchbox


Pink Ox Heart


Eva Purple Ball, Image credit SESE


Black Cherry

mortgage lifter

Mortgage Lifter


Pantano Romanesco


Rutgers are the beauties in the right corner. This is my photo from last season. Rutgers


Credit: WSU Stupice


Yellow Pear


German Johnson

I have to give a special shout out to Jimmy Cracked Corn, a fellow blogger, and seed lover, who sent me some Cabin tomato seeds he saved from his tomatoes last season. Apparently, Cabin tomatoes are a rare, almost extinct, hardy, and large variety. I can’t wait to see how they do this season! Stop by his blog and say hello!

I’ve also started my pepper plants (6 varieties), and propagated some rosemary from cuttings of the plant I started from seed last year. Some of these will also be for sale in the spring. Let me know if you’re interested!


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I’m doing things a little differently this year.

I learned a lot last year. I went big. A HUGE amount of the same varieties of vegetables. It was well intentioned. For example, I planted something like 20 roma tomato plants with the intentions of doing major canning. But, you know…”well made plans” and all. So, this year, I’m going smaller quantity of more varieties. Things I’ve never grown before, and I’m pretty excited about it!

 I’m enormous, and the baby is due in 3 weeks, so it’s just easier to prepare this way. As you can see this time last year, things were busy and a little scattered. This year, I’m working on getting and keeping things more systematic.You can see in the picture above that our pool table has been sacrificed for our seed starts. 🙂 It’s only temporary, and definitely worth it!

 The weather is different. Last year, we didn’t really have a winter, so I was essentially planting and harvesting from February until November. It was awesome, but it made things tricky, and a little disorganized. (Plus, the bugs were TERRIBLE and we lost a lot of crops from them, and the crazy drought.)

 012    I’m still using organic or all-natural soil and fertilizers. And of course, all my seeds are organic or heirloom. I used the two fertilizers above (fish emulsion and seaweed) last year, and I found them pretty impressive. I used Jiffy organic seed starting soil last year, and I wasn’t impressed. It felt mostly like coconut husk, and the seedling roots didn’t seem as strong, so this year I’m going with a new brand of all natural seed starter:

004   013

It’s pricey, but has a really nice texture, so I’m hoping it’s worth the investment, and I get strong seedlings!

It feels so nice to get my hands dirty, and watch my little seeds sprout. So far I have green and purple eggplants started, asparagus (which will be a fall planting, and won’t be harvested for a few years), multiple types of flowers, and all my cold weather seeds started (purple cauliflower, 3 types of cabbage, baby choi, broccoli, etc.), onions and leeks and celery. I plan to get my tomatoes and peppers started within the next few days.


This flat contains brussels sprouts and marigolds. It took less than a week to get here! I’m so excited to see little green sprouts again. It seems like it’s been so long!

Remember, I’m happy to plant extras if you’re interested in purchasing chemical-free, GMO-free seedlings from us. Just let me know what you’re interested in growing this year! A quote from a happy customer last year:

“I need egg plants, the ones I got from you last year were Great!”

Stay tuned, because things are just getting started! 🙂


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Should be full of seeds in the next few days!

If any of the locals are interested in purchasing seedlings from us again this year, please let me know so I can have enough of what you want. We have many varieties of different vegetables, so just ask! Check out our “For Sale” tab for more information.


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Well, we’re coming into prime farming season! Things have been busy here at the farm, and are bound to only get busier! I’ve sat down to update the blog a million times it seems, but something farmy always interrupts!

The most exciting news of the past few weeks is that our CSA customers got their second full share this week! Yeah!! We planned for a 12 week season, just to be cautious, as it is our first year. But with this terrific weather, it looks like we’ll be able to get 18-20 weeks of veggies.


  • Rhubarb
  • Green Onions
  • Mixed Greens
  • Radishes


  • Rhubarb
  • Radishes
  • Kale
  • Mixed Greens (including mustard greens, arugula, and gourmet lettuce)

My official favorite vegetable to eat and harvest this season is the Easter Egg Radish.

   It’s a mix of purple, red, pink and white radishes. They’re so darn cute, and you never know color you’re going to get! But the flavor is fantastic. It’s sweet and mild. It doesn’t have the harsh spiciness of some other varieties. I’ll definitely be planting more of these!

I’ve taken all kinds of photos over the past few days to share with you, but every time I walk outside, it seems things have doubled! So although they probably look different now, here are some recent photos to give you an idea where we’re at.

 The sweet peas are growing beautifully, and are about knee-high.

 The first bed of potatoes and most of the second are about a foot high, and have been mounded.

 Our mini-green house is full to the brim with seedlings waiting for the final plantings!

 Tomato and pepper sales have exceeded expectation! We’ll definitely be taking orders for next year, so look for more information this winter!

 About half of the asparagus I planted has come up, and it looks delicious!! I can’t wait to have a taste next spring!

We have 10 planting beds finished, and some covered in black plastic in anticipation of tomato plants. Only 5 more to go!!

 Onions and garlic!

And to leave your mouth watering:

Our Early Spring Salad Mix paired with…

  our Icicle, Easter Egg, and Sparkler radishes.


Check back soon, I’ll have more updates!


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