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I just harvested half of what will likely be our last big harvest of the season for Roma tomatoes. They’re perfectly ripe and ready for canning or the sauce pan! I’m reducing the price to $1.50/lb because I have so much, and I don’t want them to go to waste! Please let me know if  you’d like some!

There’s also been a few additions to the “For Sale” page.

Thanks for checking in!


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So, I think seaweed and fish emulsion are magic. I have been meaning to spray the leaves of all my plants with a mixture of the two for weeks. When I used it when they were seedlings, they would shoot up an inch overnight. But, there was always something else to do. So yesterday, I finally took the time to fill my 2.5 gallon sprayer with water, liquid seaweed, and fish emulsion (all natural, no chemicals, nothing that you can’t eat safely). And here’s what I came out to today:

A female cucumber blossom. (See the baby cuke?!)

Pear Tomato Blossom

Russet Potato Blossom

Kennebec Potato Blossom

Red Gold Potato Blossom

I love the different shades of potato blossoms.

Russet Potato Row

Walking Onion


And just for fun, a shot of Clementis and some unknown flower in my flower bed.

I love summer!


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